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Sustainable reviewing 🌱🌍

No green sock, but progressive

We at Astronautech consider the environment important. Of all the planets and galaxies we know so far, we only know for sure that there is life on our little planet. Of course we expect to colonize other planets in the next hundred years, but for now we have to make do with our blue-green friend. This is going to be an interesting time with a lot of technical innovation! 


Because we love security and want to keep our beautiful planet livable for generations to come, our website runs on completely green servers. We too, in the dome, deal responsibly with water, heat and electricity. For example, all lamps are energy-efficient LEDs, which means that we use 95% less electricity in light. We do not have our own building with a visitor location, but we share this ultramodern building with others. In addition, we consciously use our paper, so we print as little as possible and try to do as much as possible digitally. In addition, we use economical testing and writing equipment and all reviewed tech gets a second life or is recycled.


Our hoster is a completely green hoster. This means that all their servers are green hosted and contribute to a better environment. Not only their data centre is equipped with green power, but also their offices use only green power. The depreciated hardware is always recycled so that nothing is wasted unnecessarily. In addition, they sponsor several green goals, because they believe that a green goal is just as important as a good cause. 

In short

Economical with paper, water and electricity

Shared office

Tech gets second life

100% green hosting