The Cat S62 Pro has a super handy and well functioning FLIR heat camera. In addition, the battery life is good, processor fast, fingerprint scanner fast and the camera is fine. The phone is really waterproof and the great design makes it easy to hold. A great phone, not only for technicians.


Cat phones have been the most rugged phones on the market for years, the phones meet different military specifications and are made to continue where other phones fail. Think of properties like being able to fall from a height of 1.8 meters but also being waterproof is one of these properties.


A few weeks ago Bullitt Group announced their newest flagship, the CAT S62 Pro. We will review this phone in this review, we have used firmware version 22. The phone is currently for sale for 650 euro.


It was already clear that this phone has more to offer than the average phone. Still, there are a number of specifications that stand out. For example, the phone has a heat camera (FLIR Lepton 3.5), is waterproof up to 1.5 m for 35 minutes and can fall 1.8 m on steel. The phone is also certified according to the MIL SPEC 810G and resistant to category 4 vibrations.


Finally, the phone has a Snapdragon 660 for the long battery life and long support.

4G LTE Bands1/2/3/4/5/7/8/20/28/38/40
3G Bands1, 2, 4, 5, 8
2G Bands2, 3, 5, 8
TypeQualcomm Snapdragon 660, 2.0GHz octa-core processor
OSGoogle Android™ 10 (with upgrade to 11)
Dimensions158.5 x 76.7 x 11.9mm
TypeSuper Bright 5.7” Display – FHD+ (1080 x 2160) 18:9. TFT LCD, wet finger/glove-on working technology**
Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6
Maximum Downlink Data Rate400Mbps
Maximum Uplink Data Rate150Mbps
Intergrated FLIR thermal camera– Lepton 3.5 professional grade camera
– 1440 x 1080 HD output with VividIR
– MSX linear overlay from visual camera
– Measurable range: -20℃ to 400℃
Ingress ProtectionIP68: sand, dust and dirt resistant
WaterproofUp to 1.5m for 35 minutes
Drop TestedFrom 1.8m (6ft) onto steel
MIL SPEC 810GThermal shock: handles low to high temperature differences between -25°C (-13°F) to 55°C (131°F) for up to 24hrs*
Resistant to vibrationCategory 4. Resistant to humidity and salt mist
AudioFM Radio, Music Player
Video Recording1080p at 30fps
Video Playback1080p at 30fps
Rear-facing12MP Sony dual pixel sensor, f/1.8 aperture, large 1.4µm pixel size
Front-facing8MP sensor
NFCYes (Android Pay™)
Wi-Fi®802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 & 5GHz)
USBUSB: USB 2.0 / Type C USB (waterproof), quick charge 4, USB-OTG
Sim TypeNano SIM, dual and single SIM variants
GPSGPS, AGPS, Glonass, BeiDou (variant dependant), Galileo
Expandable via microSD™ card up to 256GB (separate microSD ™ and SIM slots)
FLIR Thermal Lepton 3.5
Ambient Light
Programmable Key with PTT mode
Physical power and volume (up/down) keys
Hard-wearing, non-slip rubberized TPU back
LED notification (3 colours)
Capacity4000mAh (supports fast charging)
TypeNon removable Lithium Ion
Office Suite
OnGuard (selected markets)
Google Android Enterprise Recommended
Android Enterprise support (AE test suite passed)
Zero-touch support
90-day security patches for 2yrs + 1yr ESMR cover
EMM enrolment/basic policy provisioning tested with:
VMware Workspace ONE, IBM MaaS 360, SOTI, Mobile Iron


The Cat S62 Pro comes in an orange-yellow box with a cool print. The front of the box clearly shows that the heat camera has been improved compared to the previous one. That is very nice because it allows you to take even more accurate measurements with your phone.

In the box we find:

  • Cat S62 Pro
  • USB Cable
  • 18 Watt charger
  • Warranty booklets
  • Quick-start guide


The first thing that stands out about the design is the build quality of the phone. You really have the idea that you have a piece of engineering in your hands, the phone
feels a bit heavier than the average phone but is really delicious in the
hand. On the backside the Cat has a certain kind of soft mat.
plastic seat.

At the top of the back we find the camera and the fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor lies deeper in the housing, so it can also be found in the dark. At the bottom of the back there is also a fine ball pattern for extra grip. This too holds great and we find that the S62 Pro really gets bonus points for this. You really need to feel it in the store and then you start to wonder why not every phone has this.

On the front of the phone we see the 1 millimeter high bumpers so that the screen is not easily damaged when the phone is lying with the screen down. It looks like Bullitt has done quite a job with their CAT S62 Pro because it has
By default already a screen protector on the screen. Whether it can be removed
we didn’t because we didn’t try. Furthermore, on the front we find the selfie camera, light sensor and the speaker grill.

The edges of the phone have a fairly good thickness and are made of aluminum. On the top of the phone we find a microphone for the noise cancellation.
On the right side we find the on/off button which is also made of aluminum and has a certain pattern: so you can blindly find the on/off button. Below are 2 separate volume buttons which also have good feedback.
On the other side of the phone we find an orange programmable button.


For the display a Super Bright 5.7 inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels is used. The screen is a TFT LCD (IPS) which is specially made to work well with a wet finger or with gloves on. The glass is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 6 which is less likely to break if the phone is dropped. A screen protector seems to be placed over the screen, because we can see and feel edges around for example the camera.

The screen covers 94% of the sRGB color spectrum but has a volume of 120%. This means that not all colors of the spectrum can be shown, but more (deeper) colors can be shown. We are satisfied with the gamut of the phone.

If we look at the color accuracy, we follow the ISO14861:2015 and first of all we measure a maximum brightness of 502 Lux and a contrast of 1295:1. This means that the screen can still be read outdoors, although in the full Spanish sun it is sometimes good to see. We measured the white temperature at 9200K.

The color accuracy is very good, both absolute and relative (compensated for the white temperature). So you can use this phone to see your taken pictures as they look on any other calibrated monitor.



The interface of the camera is very clear, at the bottom there is a large button to take the picture with you. To the left of the button is a button to switch to the selfie mode and to the right of the button is your last shot. By pressing the screen, you can focus on certain parts and when this is done, the square changes to the circle. It is nice that you get feedback that the focus was successful, so you have less failed pictures. After the circle becomes visible, a sun appears with which you can make the picture brighter or less bright.

You can choose to leave HDR on, off or on car. We use HDR on car for all pictures below. Furthermore, there are several things to adjust in the settings. Think of switching storage between phone and SD card, adding grid lines and what you want to use the volume key for example.

A 12MP Sony dual pixel sensor with pixels of 1.4 micrometer is used as a camera sensor.


The image quality of the camera is good in a lot of light, and the photos have a very wide color range. The color fidelity is good and is not thickened by the software, which is especially important when you take pictures of objects and the color fidelity must be good. So we are very satisfied with the photo quality but think that the phone with HDR should leave the flagship phones in front of it. Even with less light, the noise is still manageable. In general, the camera is fine, it does not have the features that high-end smartphones know, but the quality simply does not disappoint.


The LED in the phone, which can be used as a flash, is twice as bright as that in the OnePlus 8 Pro for example. This allows it to be used well in dark rooms to light things up. We are very satisfied with the light output of this LED.


The quality of the selfie camera is impressive, with the phone you can take very nice pictures. Both above and underwater, but later more about the underwater use.  


Microphone at 10 cm distance

The microphones in the Cat Phones have actually always been the best on the market and that’s no different with the S62 Pro. The amount of bass that is recorded in a voice is far above average. We also hear no noise and the noise reduction is fine. If you are looking for a phone with the best microphone then the Cat S62 Pro is worth a look. Below is the soundtrack and can be listened to. We were not in our own studio so we had to improvise a bit, yet the fragment gives a good picture of the capabilities of the phone.



The phone works on Android 10 but the update to Android 11 has already been promised. Due to the use of a processor that Qualcomm has supported for a long time, the phone has Android Enterprise support. Because of this there are security updates every 3 months for 2 years and 1 year ESMR. Furthermore, the Android experience is free stock as you can see on the images below.

Furthermore Cat provides its own appstore called “Toolbox” which contains a lot of useful apps, for example for agriculture.

The experience with the phone shows that the Snapdragon 660 is fast enough for almost all tasks. We haven’t found any bottlenecks and browsing and switching between apps is easy. The latter is partly due to the 6 GB RAM in the phone. So you can buy this phone with peace of mind and you don’t have to be annoyed by slow behavior. At first we were a bit skeptical, but after we got our hands on the phone, we were convinced. The Snapdragon 660 meets the expectations and ensures a good battery life.


Battery life

The S62 will last about 40 hours on a full charge under normal use. During the PC Mark battery benchmark, the battery went down by 29 percent in nearly 6 hours, which is about 5% per hour with the display at 50% brightness. This results in a battery life with the screen on of a massive 11 hours, with the screen off the phone will last almost a week on a battery. These are very impressive results.


The Cat comes with an 18 W quick charge charger which charges the phone with about 30 percent in half an hour, which means about 1 percent per minute. It took just over 2 hours to charge the phone.



The phone is waterproof to a depth of 1.5 meters for 35 minutes. Of course we tested this by sinking the phone to the bottom of the pool. We can indeed say that this is the case. It is true that the speakers and microphone fail because the phone is wet. Unlike the previous tested CatPhones, there is no mode to free the speaker from water. So you have to put some music on it yourself if you want to hear the speaker sound normal again faster.

The phone is very suitable for underwater photography. The volume buttons can be used as a shutter button, so you can easily take a picture.

When you take the phone out of the water again, it is very easy to control with wet fingers. This goes much better with the Cat S62 Pro than with a OnePlus 8 Pro, for example. Besides that, the rubber pattern on the back provides a lot of grip, even with wet fingers. So it’s nice working with a wet Cat.


The nice thing about the Cat S62 Pro is that it has a FLIR heat camera built into it. The sensor itself is the Lepton 3.5 with a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels, which is certainly not bad for a heat camera. The nice thing is that the image can be combined with the other camera in the smartphone for a higher resolution image. There are 4 modes for this, which are sharper and have a higher resolution because of the VividIR. The thermal images can be combined with the visual images of the 12 MP dual pixel Sony camera. Additionally, they can be used with FLIR’s variable MSX (Multi-spectral dynamic imaging), which makes the edges of the thermal images clearer for more context.

In the included MyFlir app, you can still edit the images after shooting, so you can add measuring points afterwards. The temperature information is captured in the image and can still be used after shooting. Besides adding measuring points, you can adjust the temperature range and change the colors. For example, you can choose the colors that are visible when heating metal or lava. Next to that you have modes with which you can show the hottest or coldest part of an image.

It is also possible to have an automatic report of an image. Here the created image is displayed (as a heat and as a visual image) including measurement results and in which conditions the image was taken. If you need it, you can also add notes.

Fingerprint scanner

The S62’s fingerprint scanner is as fast as the faster ones on the market. The fingerprint scanner works fine because it is sunken in the housing, so your finger slides easily towards it. 

Programmable button

The programmable orange button can be used for various purposes, such as search and rescue, but also to turn on a flashlight or quickly open an app. 


For sustainability we look at 5 properties:

  • Sustainable ambitions of the company
  • Durable packaging
  • Durable design
  • Energy efficiency
  • Security

When it comes to sustainable ambitions, we can’t find anything on the Cat Phones and Bullitt website. From the support chat we did find that there is a department that deals with broken devices and their processing.
On the packaging we couldn’t find any FSC labels. However, the packaging is minimal, which we are happy with.
The phone is made of aluminum and everything has been done to ensure that the phone will not break. In terms of design, we are therefore very satisfied with regard to sustainability.
The energy efficiency is above average. The phone lasts above average on a certain amount of energy, this is due to the more economical processor.
Security includes the update policy and with the Cat S62 Pro you get a security update every 3 months (2 years) and 1 year ESMR.



The Cat S62 Pro is a phone like no other. The build quality is so incredible that the phone is certified to fall from certain heights and depths up to 1.5 meters for 35 minutes. The phone lies well in the hand and the rubber pattern ensures a good grip, even when you’re in the water. On the side of the phone is an orange button with a good tactile pattern, which you can set as you like. Think about turning on the flashlight with this button.

The FLIR is a very pleasant addition and with the new features it is better than ever. It is even so accurate that you can see veins running over your hands and arms, because they are warmer than the surrounding skin. You can also edit the heat pictures after taking them and even adjust the colors and measuring points.

The screen is fine with its contrast ratio of +- 1300:1 and the phone is well calibrated, the color fidelity is good and therefore the phone is usable for many applications where this is important. Especially when working with colors this is a very useful addition.

The camera takes good pictures, although we do notice that the sensor must leave the latest Sony sensors in front of it. We especially notice this in the high dynamic range of the newer sensors. The images are certainly not bad, and you can take a nice snapshot with the phone. The microphone is so good that it really surprises, the amount of bass that is recorded from a voice makes it one of the best on the market. Also, the battery life is good with about 11 hours of full-time on-screen use and about 40 hours in normal-intensive use. The phone takes just over 2 hours to fully charge. Unfortunately, the S62 Pro has no wireless charging, which we find unfortunate because the phone is waterproof and you can’t charge it when it’s wet.

The phone is in daily use super fast with the Snapdragon 660 and 6 GB RAM, so fortunately that’s something you don’t have to worry about.

All in all, the Cat S62 Pro is one of the best rugged smartphones right now. Whether you’re a clumsy guy who often drops his phone, or you want to use these phones in your restaurant to take orders, it’s all possible: the Cat S62 Pro is not afraid to be used.

  • Great build quality
  • Convenient programmable button
  • Screen well calibrated
  • Best FLIR in one phone
  • Good microphone
  • Good battery life
  • Very bright LED flash
  • No wireless charging
  • No mode to quickly dry the speaker
  • Camera sensor is satisfactory but not astonishing
Review Cat S62 Pro: Reliable like no other - Astronautech

The Cat S62 Pro has a super handy and well functioning FLIR heat camera. In addition, the battery life is good, processor fast, fingerprint scanner fast and the camera is fine. The phone is really waterproof and the great design makes it easy to hold. A great phone, not only for technicians.


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  1. hope it’s better than the flawed s60 (so many bugs they should pain tit back and give it wings) and s61 as both these phone had major bugs, the s61 has battery charging issues and its close to worthless as you can’t trust it, plus bits have fallen off and not waterproof plus really bad phone signal strength that I now carry a spare Samsung for when this one plays up. no support as it’s out of its warranty and the dropped supporting it.

    • Oh, it’s better for sure! 🙂 The update policy is much better nowadays, making the phone quite reliable in our opinion.

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