First of all, of course, the very best wishes for 2020 from Astronautech. Traditionally we wish you good health with lots of tech and rocket science! 

The past year, as you know, we have been busy migrating to Astronautech from TechBeLike. As of January 1st, we are finally over to Astronautech!  Astronautech distinguishes itself from other tech websites because our reviews are not written by journalists, but by engineers with actual technical knowledge. This allows us to go deeper into the products, so you can be sure that you don’t feel like you are getting advice from an electronics store employee. What’s more, our website runs on completely green data centres, indicating that we consider sustainability to be important. After all, our blue friend is not ours, but everyone who is on earth today and will be on earth in the future.

In the meantime, all reviews have migrated, the website has had a lot of paint and is now faster than ever. At the moment we are behind the scenes polishing things up so that everything works perfectly, think of fixing some links, translating current reviews and converting reviews to the new format. In the coming year we will try to get the website loading time under 2 seconds to give you an even better experience. Besides that we will probably create a small community where you can be a part of. The details will be announced when the time comes! 🙂

Next year we’re going to add some affiliate links to our articles. These will be links to our partner Amazon but more partners may be added in the future. We will always neatly mention affiliate links so you can decide whether you want to support us or not. After all, we are in favour of freedom of choice!

Last year was great, we had over 150,000 unique visitors and that’s more than we ever dreamed of. So we are very proud that we managed this together with you and our partners! For that we would like to thank you all very much!


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