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about Astronautech

Astronautech reviews consumer electronics from the perspective of an aerospace engineer

In a world where the separation between influencer and expert seems to become increasingly blurred for many consumers, we believe it is important that consumers can gain certainty. That’s why on Astronautech you will only be able to find reviews based on expert opinions with a technical basis, supported by test results. All so you can never be surprised, that’s what we think is important. A part of the products we get from manufacturers, another part we buy ourselves but we will always do proper research. With our love for space we will take you in our spaceship to the wonderful world of technology.

Unlike many influencers, journalists and media specialists, we are engineers allowing us to look deeper into the product and the production process. This enables us to better analyse and understand certain design choices. In addition, we can more easily pinpoint wrong marketing choices, which generally makes consumers value our reviews more. We applaud innovation and certainly green innovation! It’s the technology that connects us, literally and figuratively.

Our mission

Fortunately, according to the Dutch saying, our mission does not go to the moon, but we are going on exploration! We try to convey the great world of technology as comprehensibly as possible in a reliable way. We believe that consumers should not read sales pitches before purchasing their products, but actual high-tech information. Consumers should be able to rely on the qualities and knowledge of the author, so that they can properly assess the value of that opinion: that is why we try to write reviews as transparently as possible. But that’s not all, we do it all with a green touch, because we think it’s important.

First review born
Founded TechBeLike IT consultancy
Astronautech launched
Regularly published user reviews on as " Frozen
Migration from TechBeLike to Astronautech

Established in Delft

Straight from the heart of Holland’s city of the prince: Delft, with the knowledge of Delft University of Technology and the warmth of beautiful Haarlem.

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we're real rocket scientists


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shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars

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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars


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